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Marine Turtle Protection Update from San San, Panama

Together with its international partners, Chiquita is committed to protect and restore marine and nesting habitats for endangered species in Panama. In 2009, Chiquita joined the San San Marine Turtle Project, which aims to protect endangered turtles such as the green, leatherback and hawksbill turtles. Since then, 41,166 baby turtles were released, including 10,500 hatchlings this year. In August 2015 more than 250 local and international volunteers helped to support

San San Project Update: Celebrating the reforestation of Mario’s farm

Chiquita is happy to share with you the update of the San San project that we have been supporting for years. On August 29th 2015 the reforestation of Mario’s farm, a former cattle pasture located in the San San Pond Sak protected reserve of Panama, was completed. In cooperation with the AAMVECONA, the local community organization, the project contributes to the conservation of the biodiversity of the wetland landscape. With