Certifications + Memberships

Our CSR Commitments – Overview

What once started with the Rainforest Alliance certification about 22 years ago, has evolved into a long-term commitment to a corporate sustainability and responsibility engagement, which over time resulted in a host of important memberships and certifications: Oversight & Compliance 1998 – CR Steering Committee 1999 – New Core Values 2000 – Expanded Code of Conduct 2000 – Corporate Responsibility Officer with Board Oversight 2001 – Code of Conduct Training

World Banana Forum and Global Social Compliance Programme

In 2009, Chiquita joined two organizations that support collaboration on sustainability and other global issues. The World Banana Forum (WBF) was launched to bring together a broad base of stakeholders concerned with banana production and trade. Chiquita also joined the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP), which aims to develop a shared approach to social and environmental standards in the global supply chain. The World Banana Forum promotes the worldwide adoption of sustainable

Chiquita Receives REWE Group’s PRO PLANET Label

In 2011, the German retailer REWE Group awarded its PRO PLANET label to Chiquita, making it the first non-REWE Group brand to receive the label. This distinction is the result of Chiquita’s many years of dedication to sustaining Rainforest Alliance certification on its own farms and on producers’ farms in Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia. Chiquita’s SA8000 certifications and agreements with global and local trade unions also played a role