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Marine Turtle Protection Update from San San, Panama

Together with its international partners, Chiquita is committed to protect and restore marine and nesting habitats for endangered species in Panama. In 2009, Chiquita joined the San San Marine Turtle Project, which aims to protect endangered turtles such as the green, leatherback and hawksbill turtles. Since then, 41,166 baby turtles were released, including 10,500 hatchlings this year. In August 2015 more than 250 local and international volunteers helped to support

San San Project Update: Celebrating the reforestation of Mario’s farm

Chiquita is happy to share with you the update of the San San project that we have been supporting for years. On August 29th 2015 the reforestation of Mario’s farm, a former cattle pasture located in the San San Pond Sak protected reserve of Panama, was completed. In cooperation with the AAMVECONA, the local community organization, the project contributes to the conservation of the biodiversity of the wetland landscape. With

The adventures of Baloo

The story of Baloo, a Great Green Macaw, is a fine example how organizations and governments in Latin America collaborate to protect endangered species.

From farm to shelf

How do bananas actually get from the farm to the shelf of your supermarket? We’ll show you the journey in our all-new video.

Portrait: Laura Tschümperlin, ETH Student

Laura Tschümperlin is a Student at the Federal Technical University of Zürich (ETH), who in 2014 spent several months in the Nogal Reserve in Costa Rica for her research. She collected useful data about biodiversity.

Guatemala: opening of two echocardiography laboratories

In November 2014, Chiquita and the International Medical Outreach (IMO) program, a partnership between Carolinas HealthCare System and the Heineman Foundation of Charlotte, celebrated the opening of two echocardiography laboratories in regional hospitals in Zacapa and Quiché, in Guatemala. The IMO program donated echocardiography (echo) machines to the two hospitals and helped train technicians to operate the machines and to work with cardiologists to identify patients with heart ailments. The

10 Year Anniversary of the “Nogal Project”

We started our work in our Nogal project 10 years ago, when Chiquita and the famous Swiss retailer Migros agreed to become partners in our first biodiversity partnership. This year we could look back on much fruitful collaboration: The German’s government’s GTZ (now GIZ) joined as new partners a year later, and so did the UK’s IPL in 2011. Neighbours and local farmers, the local and national Costa Rican authorities, NGOs

IUF / COLSIBA Agreement with Chiquita benefits women on banana farms

Women make an important contribution in Chiquita’s banana farming business. Approximately 2,800 women, equivalent to 16 percent of total employees, are employed in production operations in Latin America. In administrative and supervisory positions, the percentage is higher at 21 percent. In 2011, the company and trade unions formed the IUF/COLSIBA/Chiquita Women’s Committee, which seeks improvement for women working in the banana farms. Its main goal is to promote and reinforce

A More Sustainable Container Fleet

Since 2009, we have engaged in a four-year major refrigerated container renewal program to replace 65 percent of our fleet. Refrigerated containers are key components in the logistics of today’s banana supply chain. Chiquita operates more than 10,000 40-foot containers. In recent years, there have been major improvements in the design and operating efficiency of reefer containers, with important environmental benefits: Reduced electric power consumption “Green” refrigerants Insulation materials with