Sustainability + Innovation

From farm to shelf

How do bananas actually get from the farm to the shelf of your supermarket? We’ll show you the journey in our all-new video.

A More Sustainable Container Fleet

Since 2009, we have engaged in a four-year major refrigerated container renewal program to replace 65 percent of our fleet. Refrigerated containers are key components in the logistics of today’s banana supply chain. Chiquita operates more than 10,000 40-foot containers. In recent years, there have been major improvements in the design and operating efficiency of reefer containers, with important environmental benefits: Reduced electric power consumption “Green” refrigerants Insulation materials with

CO2-Footprint: CO2 neutral ripening facility in the Netherlands

A Sustainable Investment: The Ripening Center in the Netherlands After many years of ripening Chiquita bananas in the Dutch town of Gorinchem, the company invested in one of the first (if not the first) carbon neutral banana ripening facilities in the world. Its pioneering design meets high standards of sustainability, product quality and employee well-being. Benelux Director Franklin Ginus worked with Olaf Van Doren, the company’s expert ripening technician, to develop

What people don’t know about monoculture in banana production

Common misunderstandings about banana production There are certain misunderstandings and misperceptions about banana production. While people with a western perspective on agriculture usually know about integrated (IP) crop production in their own countries, the same production method is often not acknowledged for crop production in tropical countries – particularly banana production. This is partly due to the simple lack of understanding how a modern banana farm works. So let’s clarify