CSR Research

Portrait: Laura Tschümperlin, ETH Student

Laura Tschümperlin is a Student at the Federal Technical University of Zürich (ETH), who in 2014 spent several months in the Nogal Reserve in Costa Rica for her research. She collected useful data about biodiversity.

Water Risk and Footprint Assessment with WWF

A study that provides important new insights and reinforces existing knowledge In 2012, jointly with WWF International, Chiquita developed a detailed Water Risk and Footprint Assessment of its main agricultural operations and activities, including Banana production in the Latin American Tropics There is a growing consensus within governments, businesses and the NGO community that freshwater scarcity and quality issues will dramatically increase in many parts of the world over the

Finding biological ways to control the Sigatoka banana disease – And create Win-Win situations

Chiquita’s researchers have for many years looked for ways to reduce the use of agrochemicals, and to ensure their use is safe for consumers, farm employees, local communities, and for the environment alike. Chiquita runs its own research labs with the goal to find biological remedies for diseases that endanger bananas. Enemy number 1: Black Sigatoka The Cavendish banana variety, which consumers in northern markets prefer, is especially susceptible to Black