Chiquita is happy to share with you the update of the San San project that we have been supporting for years. On August 29th 2015 the reforestation of Mario’s farm, a former cattle pasture located in the San San Pond Sak protected reserve of Panama, was completed. In cooperation with the AAMVECONA, the local community organization, the project contributes to the conservation of the biodiversity of the wetland landscape.

With the agreement of ANAM, Panama’s national environmental authority, the farm (32 hectares) was purchased in 2013 and simultaneously donated to AAMVECONA, the local community organization. AAMVECONA will transfer the farm to the state of Panama when the reforestation is established. In the framework of the San San project Chiquita was previously involved in completing the reforestation of a large part of the Tres Bocas Farm (130 hectares), where the ‘purchase and donate’ process was applied for the first time with funds donated by REWE in 2009.

It is our aim to continue reforesting the margins of the San San river, restoring this unique habitat which is home to many endangered species such as the manatee.

On 29 August 2015, Panama’s National Reforestation Day, 50 volunteers including Chiquita employees, neighbours, students and soldiers, planted 300 Sangrillo and 600 Red Mangrove trees.

This completes the reforestation of Mario’s farm.